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MNMS Announcements

Microscopy Suite Added to MNMS Cleanrooms
8/7/2017 3:33:59 PM
J. Maduzia

The Microscope Suite, Rm 212 MEB, has been added to the MNMS Cleanrooms suite. The MNMS Website has been updated to reflect this addition, with 6 pieces of equipment and their respective trainings added. The following 3 tools are available for trainings/use. Please request trainings on the MNMS website.

  1. SEM - Cambridge S-200 (Available)
    • Cambridge S200 Scanning Electron Microscope. Theoretical Magnification: 0.6X-5KX at 300V, 6X-50kX at 3kV, 30X - 280kX at 30kV. 
  2. ​Sputterer - SEM Sputter Coater
    • ​SPI 11425 and 11430 Sputter Coater with Gold Target for quick conductive coating of SEM samples.
  3. ​Vibrometer 
    • ​Polytec laser vibrometer is used to measure displacement or velocity of vibrations. The Polytec OFV-3001, frequency range: DC to 20MHz, velocity rang: 0.3um/s to 10m/s.

The following pieces of equipment are installed but are not quite ready for use. An email will be sent out when these tools are ready for trainings.

  1. ​SEM - Hitachi S570
    • Hitachi S570 Scanning Electorn Microscope. 20X-100kX magnification w standard specimen stage .12X-100kX with large-sized specimin stage. 0.5-30kV accelerating voltage. 150mm maximum specimen diameter. 6mm, 15mm, or 50mm diameter stub size.
  2. ​Profilometer 
    • ​Alpha Step D-500 Surface Profilometer with a 2µm tip
  3. ​Microscope - Leica DMIRE
    • The Leica DMIRE inverted microscope has top and bottom illumination along with a UV light source and a motorized stage. There are 3 light cubes for fluorescence work including DAPI (Ex 360nm/Em 470nm), FITC (Ex 480nm/Em 527nm), and Rhodamine (Ex 546nm/Em 600nm) as well as a brightfield cube.  The spectral outputs of the cubes are on a data sheet near the microscope.  There are 5 objectives including 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, and 50X. The microscope does have a camera and software for image generation.  
MEL Cleanroom Added to MNMS Cleanrooms
1/17/2017 11:18:10 AM
J. Maduzia

The MEL Cleanroom, 2232 MEL, has been added to the MNMS Cleanrooms suite. The MNMS website has been updated to reflect this addition, with 4 new pieces of equipment and their respective trainings added. The charge rate for the MEL Cleanroom is $10/day of card swipe (each card swipe "day" is from 5:00AM to 4:59AM of the following day, just like for the MNMS Cleanroom and Prep Room). No safety fee is charged for the MEL Cleanroom, and no equipment fees are charged for tools in the MEL Cleanroom.

  1. 5-Axis state E-jet

    • This is a precision 5-axis (XYZ + tip/tilt) stage with 2 additional manual z-stages. It also includes high magnification, long working distance camera mounted at an incline. Traditionally this has been used for e-jet, where a liquid is pulled from a needle using high voltage. The interface also allows air pressure to be applied to the needle.

  2. Large Transfer Printer

    • This is a precision 4-axis (XYZ + rotation) stage with vertical high magnification zoom camera with dark field illumination. The standard configuration tool side accepts 1"x3" glass slides held by vacuum chuck. The substrate side features multiple vacuum chucks for mounting a donor and receiver substrate. The machine also has adaptations for performing solid state superionic stamping.

  3. Laser Transfer Printer

    • This is a precision 3-axis (XYZ) with vertical high magnification zoom camera with coaxial illumination. It also features a 30W 805nm CW diode laser inserted into the optical path with a dichoric filter

  4. Spinner - MEL 2232

    • Spinner for PDMS

These pieces of equipment are available for use, so please request training on the MNMS Website if you need them.

New Announcements Page
5/19/2016 1:47:48 PM
J Maduzia

Announcements added to MNMS Cleanroom Website! This feature will be used to share important upcoming events and good news about the cleanroom.