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General Inquires:

Joe Maduzia
Ph: 217-244-6302

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Glennys Mensing
Ph: 217-333-5694

MNMS Cleanroom
213 Mechanical Engineering Building
1206 W Green St
Urbana, IL 61801

MNMS Lab Rates

New cleanroom charges will be implemented on January 15, 2007 at the start of the spring semester. A separate charge sheet will be posted on the MNMS Website detailing costs. Other changes to lab rates that will be implemented on the 15th of January 2007:

For more detailed charges & rate information, see the MNMS Lab Rate Details page.

MNMS Policies

Vacation/Sick Leave Policy

Supervision of the cleanroom is an essential job and must be covered at all times during normal business hours. An alternate supervisor, as approved by the Laboratory Director, must be in charge of the cleanroom in the event of vacation or sick leave by the Cleanroom Laboratory Specialist. The temporary supervisor will have full access to the facility and be kept up to date on maintenance, schedules, and procedures as performed by the Cleanroom Laboratory Specialist. All staff working for the cleanroom will report to the temporary supervisor.

Security Camera Policy

Security cameras will be installed in all areas of the cleanroom to record activity in the event of equipment misuse or theft. The security cameras will not be monitored on a daily basis, but the images will be stored and kept for the purpose of review of any incidents that occur in the laboratory. In the event of theft or equipment misuse, only the Director of the Cleanroom will review the archives, and the appropriate authorities will be notified. Signs will be posted in all areas stating security cameras are in use.

Research Coordinator

Research is a fundamental part of the MNMS cleanroom facility. The Research Coordinator will be in charge of the laboratory research activities by working with principal investigators, post-doctoral, and student researchers to advance the research mission of the laboratory, planning research activities in the lab, and facilitating researchers cleanroom requests. In addition, the Research Coordinator will be in charge of chemical safety training, Chemical Storage Request forms, chemical and sample storage allocation, and maintaining MSDS information.

Incident Response

All incidents in the MNMS lab that involve injuries, deliberate misuse or theft will be investigated by a team consisting of the Lab Supervisor, Alternate Supervisor, and MechSE Facilities Supervisor, with a report to be given to the Lab Director.

Equipment Reservation and Charging Policies

Key tools and equipment have specific charges and reservation policies as detailed below. Additional tools and equipment may be added as needed.