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Access Request Form (Industrial User)

  1. Complete the online MNMS Cleanroom Access Request Form. Print the form, sign and obtain the signature of your Principle Investigator or Manager.
  2. Complete the Online General Safety Training, Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training, and General Laser Safety Training offered by the University Division of Research Safety, ( When the session is completed successfully, please print out the certificate that is generated. If you are an industrial user, use the following cridentials to access the on-line DRS safety course. [NetID: DrsTdbUser; Password: Passw0rd (capital "P" and a zero for the "o")] Contact Joe Maduzia ( if you have any questions or problems.
  3. Submit the following to Joe Maduzia, 2239 LuMEB:
    • completed and signed access request form
    • DRS General Safety Training Certificate
    • Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training Certificate
    • General Laser Safety Training Certificate

Upon signature, the User and Manager hereby certifies that they will abide by the established policies and procedures of the MNMS facility, including that all chemicals brought into the MNMS facility must be approved in advance. If the User does not follow the established policies and procedures, their access to, and privileges in the MNMS facility may be revoked at the discretion of the Director.

All information required unless otherwise specified.

Personal Information
University ID#: E-Mail Address:
First Name: Last Name:
Home/Personal Phone:
Office Information
Company Name: Office Phone:
Local Address: City:
State: Zip:
Manager Information
Manager's Name:  
Manager's E-Mail: Manager's Phone #:
Project Information
Banner Acct #:  
Start Date: Completion Date:
Area Access Request: (Select the room/s you will need access to)

System Access: (Select the system/s you will need. Note: Systems without room #’s are in LuMEB 2208)




Thermal Processing: