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General Inquires:

Joe Maduzia
Ph: 217-244-6302

Staff Assisted R&D:

Glennys Mensing
Ph: 217-333-5694

MNMS Cleanroom
213 Mechanical Engineering Building
1206 W Green St
Urbana, IL 61801

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5-axis stage E-jet
Precision 5-axis (XYZ + tip/tilt) stage with 2 additional manual z-stages, traditionally used for e-jet.
Acid Hood - Hydrofluoric Acid Use
* Required for monitoring HF waste generation
EVG 501S Bonder
Carrier Wafer Mounting Chuck
System Used to Mount Carrier Wafers for the Through Etching on the STS
Dicing Saw
K&S 708 Dicing Saw; 4" Spindle, User must supply own blades
KSV Instruments Model: CAM 200
High Temp Furnace
Thermal Technology, Model 1000-4560-FP20
Hotplate - Prep Room (202A)
Talboys Hotplate
ICP - DRIE Plasmatherm
Plasmatherm SLR 770, BOSCH Process
STS Pegasus
Lapping System
Lapmaster, 12" Platen
Mask Aligner - EVG 620
EV Group 620 Double Side Aligner. Mask size 4x4" or 5x5". Substrate size 4", 3", 2" diameter or 1" pieces
Mask Aligner - EVG 420
EV Group 420 Double Side Aligner, Wavelength 405nm. Mask size 5x5" and substrate 4" diameter
Mask Aligner - MJB3 Suss
MJB3 Suss Aligner. Mask size 4x4", 3x3", or 2x2". Substrate size 3" or 2" diameter or pieces
Applied MicroStructures, Model 100, Molecular Vapor Deposition
Oven - Curing
Yamato, Mechanical Convection Oven,
Oven - Vacuum
Vacuum Oven
Prep Room Fume Hood
Fume Hood in Prep Room for Hazardous Materials
Probe Station
Signatone S-1170
Alpha Step D-500 - 2µm tip
RIE - Axic
Reactive Ion Etcher, O2, Ar, CF4, 500W RF, Computer Controlled
RIE - March Jupiter III
Reactive Ion Etcher, O2, Ar, ArH2, 300W RF, Manually Controlled
Sonic Mill
Spinner (Left)
BidTec SP-100, 0-7500 rpm, 15" Bowl
Spinner (Right)
BidTec SP-100, 0-7500 rpm, 15" Bowl
Spinner - Glovebox
Laurell WS-400 in Glovebox
Spinner - MEL 2232
Spinner for PDMS
Spinner, High-Speed
CEE-100, 0-10,000 rpms
Sputterer - Dielectric
3 Gun Dielectric Targets - See system for material list
Sputterer - Metals - AJA
8 Gun Metal Targets - See system for material list
Supercritical Point Dryer
Tousimis Automegasamdry -915B: 6" and smaller sample size
Transfer Printer - Large
Precision 4-axis (XYZ + rotation) stage, accepts 1"x3" glass slides held by vacuum chuck.
Transfer Printer - Laser
Precision 3-axis (XYZ), with 30W 805nm CW diode laser with a dichoric filter.
Tube Furnace - Anneal Tube
Tube Furnace - Boron Tube
Tube Furnace - Dirty Tube
Tube Furnace - Oxidation Tube
Tube Furnace - Phosphorus Tube
Vacuum Annealer