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Equipment Reservations: Supercritical Point Dryer

Scheduling Policy

  • Reservations may be made in 0.5-hour increments.
  • Usage Charge Rate - $5.00 per pound of LCO2 usage including startup and shutdown usages.
  • No Show Policy - 20 minutes after a reservation begins, if no user has Checked In, the equipment becomes available for use. There will be a minimum time of 1 pound charged for no-shows if the reservation is not removed 2 hours prior to use.
  • Open Equipment (Stand-by) Policy - Login to the equipment reservation system and check on the status of the equipment. If the system is available, immediately reserve the system and then you can use it.
  • Reservation Over-run - Reported use of equipment beyond your reserved time without permission from the next user will result in a one week suspension from the equipment reservation system. Keep in mind that your reservation time includes startup and shutdown time.

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